wednesday ten

ten things i'm thinking about today

by jenna from saffakidlife.

magnolia dell sky by jenna van schoor

1. london street life by used-to-be skateboarder matt stuart

2. a revival of colourful/floral pattern doctor martens.

3. new, thinner summer bedding from woolworths.

4. evening pool swims and sleeping with damp hair

5. my special cousin deborah's wedding in stanford in a month's time.

6. the pitter patter rain and deafening electric crackle-BOOM of highveld thunderstorms 

7. south african animal conservation efforts, especially of the siblingmine favourite 

8. cuttlefish, which i saw for the first time last week, and how they are very intelligent invertebrates.

9. a saturday birthday picnic with friends at the pretoria zoo and seeing more caged critters.

10. day missions and activity ideas for upcoming west coast family christmas trip.

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