My saturday cupcake

We just walked to and from Hazel

We bought:
- rosemary + garlic ciabatta loaf
- paninis
- marshmallow hearts, pink rice crispy squares, chocolate squares, coconut ice
- giant mushrooms
- parsnips, persimmons, rocket, beetroot, cos and buttern lettuce
- canbanossi and biltong


kimi shoes

gareth shoes

autumn kaleidoscope

goodbye autumn hello winter

kimi gypsy

skip to my lou



gorgeous ladies - love their style

number one!

friends getting their market on

bleh! friend jenna


the first converses (?) i saw in the flesh

friend heleen

Happy weekend!

coffee at pure - neat restaurant in colbyn

Cullinan post-engagement

We stayed at Jan Harmsgat se Gastehuis the night of our engagement

Totally eccentric, fantasy fun-world guesthouse 40 min from Pretoria, in Cullinan

Highly recommended. Check out more photos from around Jan Harm's spot on my flickr site here


bridge over (un)troubled water


our cosy room 'fansy suite'

cuppa tea?

stoep in

bridge again

canned men

hys rex hello

standing tall together

Engagement family gathering

My family was sneakily invited to our house for my parents anniversary and father's birthday the previous day and following day respectively.

Actually, as my family all knew what was going down, they organized it for engagement congratulations.

Thanks mom and dad and kimi :)

tasty treats from Hazel

table tulips

me 'n ani

ani treat

plotting cupcake attack


toasting to us

family hug

presents from mom n dad

fiance + friend

Engagement picnic

Skippy surprised me with a picnic at Kievitskroon Estate, outside Pretoria

Picnic laid out under autumn tress and crisp May sky on the perfectly manicured lawns

Champagne and plates of eats ranging from quiches and salad to fruit and desserts were brought to us by the waitron

Was handed a red box with silky red ribbon on it - inside was a shark (personal nicknames - penguin and shark ... )

Procceded to hug the shark and then was told to open its mouth!

The ring was inside

The answer - was yes

on the way

another sweet 'fontein'


the man with a plan

autumn trees

lavish picnic plates

red delights

cape dutch style

all dressed up

shark in a box

the answer is yes

kisses for the sharks

shark with ring in its mouth - sneaky

bottoms up

pulling faces

orange ball

eye do

fix that bowtie

next to the pool

more pool shots

deck walk

bow from box

front of house

autumn pool feet