beatnik bazaar

with a selection of supreme daily essentials - who wouldn't want to live in thaya's world.

*A hug from my baby boy.
*a good cup of Woolies English Breakfast tea first thing in the morning in my Liesel Trautman cup.
*Blogging on my pretty white Macbook.
*Body shop scrub in the shower.
*Wearing MAC Lipgloss
*Kate Bush
*Wearing Folklore dresses
*A ride on my bike
*Doing business on my BlackBerry
*Seeing or talking to at least 3 of my friends throughout the day
*A cuddle with my husky
*Good food made with love
*Being creative
*A hot bath
*falling into my white cotton and down duvet at night

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  1. These photos are incredible. Whata coll life and a cool post guuys!