miss moss

welcome to miss moss' everyday necessaries.

1. a cup of tea. made exactly like so.

2. almost makeup. moisturiser slash foundation from clinique - because my skin is not perfect.

3. the internet & blogs. i don't remember a time before them. oh right, magazines! well, pretty pictures keep me sane.

4. music. not a day goes by that my ipod doesn't get man handled. or rather, diana handled. currently listening to a lot of arcade fire and sharon jones & the dap-kings.

5. perfume. current and almost all time favourite: viktor + rolf flowerbomb.

6. a walk. be it to and from work or in a forest or field somewhere. if i don't do it, i feel it.

7. coco's face. this look kills me * kisses *

8. jeans. i wish i could say dresses... but no, it's jeans. i live in jeans.

9. my watch. it needs to be on my wrist at all times, because i feel weird without it. i also like being prompt.

10. a cold beer. om nom nom... sweet, sweet brew.

11. twitter. cripes, i love it. such a great way to engage with and meet new people.

12. my bag. where else would i keep my almost make-up, ipod, perfume and... beer? no i don't carry around beer. yet.

daily essentials

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miss moss asked me to contribute to 'things i like right now'

loved putting my pieces together

see it here

you may kiss the bride

we tied the knot

under seaspray skies

alongside coastal covering

double or everything

skipped out last week

welcome to jex

with a polka dot bikini cocktail (never saw them ... heard they were smashing )

out today

waiting for the telkommers to come with their tools and setup a line. they told us last friday.


but for now :
the hills are alive ...

i'll be back next week


mr shark and i schemed to host a design a tee shirt competition

well, its all happening

thanks to a fabulous, philanthropic, supportive gang

do enter, the prizes are worthwhile

virtual wardrobe

take a look at splendors like these, and more, at this frock exchange

post call ten

on call last night - so here's the ten

two phenomenal weddings coming up - and their excitement. the pretty blog and cupcake couture

everyone's sporting a cape these days

watched ondine last week with my pop. epic tale. and appealing cinematography.

the gang from the corner cafe joined us on a street scene tour. wild.

i dream of visiting smog shoppe

who is this emma stone girl anyway?

a bouquet of audrey images - you gotta be lovely

the most comprehensive, travel-bug-biting network. thanks, jenna.

could we escape forever in one of these? i vote - community elope.


windy sweeps were well appreciated

durban lacks a seasonal front

but i am glad that the sun is shining once again