ode to orthopedics

wrapped up last orthopedic call as an intern after a reasonable night of month end trauma scenarios

conclusion :
one of immeasurable satisfaction and belief in orthopedic practices 

enthralled by
tuberosities, condyles, shafts and trochanters
words like coxa vara, os capitalum and fovea
the multiplication potential of osteoclats, blasts and cytes
the processes of ossification and remodelling

and how you need all these parts and poperties
to stand up straight
to hold your internal organs
to move
to not move

to store, produce and regulate
blood, minerals and hormones

how quickly they can be broken,
comminuted, displaced, angulated and fragmented

and re-aligned
by reduction and manipulation

and how they can be fixated
with nails, screws, plates, fixators and

some gentle gestures
encouraging words
and conviction

links from top to bottom, left to right

1. fascinating medical oddities at the mutter museum in philedelphia
2. geometric skull found via otaku gangster
3. 'd' bone lettering pinned by brandon porras
4. porcelain bones memento mori sold at nymphenburg
5. pasta skeletons to create via martha stewart
6. bone drop earrings sold at topshop
7. skeleton key mixed media necklace uploaded by pisforpaper
8. anatomy 101 magnets or push pins sold via the green daisy shop's etsy     
9. medieval torture device from a obscure police museum outside rome uploaded by menlo

les bleus

two daughters
family weekend
3km from our front door

more sights may be found here


gathering content
while being content
with where it all is right now

sublime collection from gozde eker's 'cup of dream'