when we arrived

we both knew

that this was it

to make our wedding aspirations come true

north coast
kwazulu natal

* with special thanks to the shaw, hardy and poustie families

tidy threads trio

three cities delivering some glorious garments

cape town



simply had to have a suitable 'wedding font'

a la main suited me just fine

alamain - courtesy of da font

made it onto the save the dates, invites and handwritten flag 'basket-settings' ( thanks nak* )

the rest, was handwritten - limitations of limited printing knowledge. and a printer.

numerical calling

superthreads from new zealand

decal deliberation

paddington ( humble home ) and i were recently treated to a spot of whimsy

see our walls come to life on the sometimes zoo

just one of the spreads

plotting which one should be for keeps

stop press

nadia had my shark over for his first interview on cupcake couture

street scene also has a brandnew blog

and very soon, a brandnew bus

exciting times

read all about it

in good company contacted us recently to feature of our day

a good maike told them about us

the thirteen (!) page spread is dizzyingly gorgeous

* swoon

p 4-17


back to the beginning ( well, almost )

richard saw this lighthouse whilst on a sailing trip to east london april 2009

he took me for surprise mission to see it shortly after

it was here that we decided that we wanted to spend our ever after together

we told both sets of parents

he wanted to ask me officially

so i waited

p.s. we originally pined for green point lighthouse as our wedding venue, but two trips there later, logistics and budget considered, we realized it was not to be


unashamedly asking

please vote for me at bride of the year

oceans of gratitude

we love pictures posted parts 2 and 3 of our wedding

we're in total awe

travis + maike hit the spot
in our photobooth

send travis + maike a mail and book them for yourselves, for any special or ordinary occasion

and be treated to their magic with lasting memories. over and over again

heart hart

an exhibition worth swiping for

hoping to pick up a piece

richard hart - lingua france
opens 17 august


our edited wedding photos are somewhere between pretoria and our postbox

popped past photographer prodigals we love pictures today see what they were up to

and found shark and i on the headliner

so excited to see the photos - screaming inside

can't thank them enough

and what a way to celebrate our three-months-since-our-wedding anniversary, today

daily checks in order

request to attend

conjured up by a clever richard

delivered in white sandwich bags

sealed with a simple red spot

better than anything i could've daydreamt about


wedding invitation
by richard hart from disturbance


send jesse an email with your postal address and be treated to one of these :

treat her back with a postcard too

i've got the perfect one to swop

missing pieces

just caught up with in good company

was after these from abroad

bad ... would've been perfect for the wedding

good ... we can all buy some now ( i did )

bakers twine

retro labels

red striped sweet bag

red and white paper straws


dear nicole and her beau brett are always up to new tricks.

see their latest enterprise BLKbox with black coffee here.

fashion forward.

bet race 10, horse 11

insider's tip.

we did it.

and won three clips.

lauren from Glossary was there too, snapping away.

and she gave us our fifteen minutes.

shark's corsage : cupcake couture
penguin's fascinator : abigail betz