heading back to my blogging roots
life, is all about lenses
you just need to choose which one you are viewing through
right now, I'm digging a 10x high-powered field
pathology immersion has begun

         That you can't get away from it
         No you can't get away
         No you can't get away from it
         No you can't get away
                     - Sixto Rodriguez

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anstey's for lunch

last year's lunch escape to anstey's beach on the bluff

holiday season was in full swing and the weather followed suit 

the first time

uploaded a playlist to 8tracks. finally getting my (pathetic) music collection sorted.

inspired by one bizarre warm and foggy dawn. initially, it was so thick that these buildings were 99% invisible. the reveal was pretty darn good too. 

kit # 2 : audiophilia

left to right, top to bottom :
1. 99% invisible. listening to this podcast adds value to life. and smiles.
2. babbage. weekly podcast report from the economist, on global technology.
3. the lancet. weekly podcast of journal highlights from the medical stalwart.
4. one minute zulu. simple podcast for simple learning. jabulile!
5. 8tracks. mixfeeds to last a lifetime. follow me here.
6. soundcloud. the ultimate audio portal, use the app on the go.
   currently coveting radio show the kitchen sisters and durban duo, far canal. follow me here.