the thrift collection

daily essentials by two ladies of epic thrifting proportions

check out their abomination of carefully selected collected attire and accessories at the i heart market

(1) Lomography: Our cameras go everywhere with us – we never know where and when inspiration will strike. We’ve also taken to using our developed pics as greeting cards and gift tags – such a great way to personalise the message.

(2) Cupcakes: Our morning ritual includes a cup of tea, cupcake and trawling through our favourite blogs. Without our daily cupcake, we can’t function properly during the day!

(3) Paper Straws: Summer is our favourite season and with it comes a long list of yummy cocktails & drinks that go perfectly with Durban’s hot, lazy summer days. These sweet paper straws make the whole experience a lot more fun.

(4) Frankie Magazine: Our magazine of choice - every page is filled with beautiful images and interesting people. It’s the only mag we have found that really feeds our love of photography, fashion, art & crafts, music, food and travel. When we get to the end, we start right back at the beginning again – and on and on it goes until the next issue lands in our post box.

(5) Hair Wax: A must have for Meg’s new pixie cut

(6) Eyeliner: We’re loving the eyeliner trend – when you get it right it can look fantastic!

(7) Bunting: A favourite of ours at the moment whether it’s adorning our picture rails at home or stall at the I Heart Market, bunting has become a key design feature in our world.

(8) Appletiser: Nothing quenches our thirst quite like it. Great in cocktails too!

image sources :
Straws: Etsy
Hair Wax: Google images
Eyeliner: Google Images
Bunting: www.
Appletiser: Google Images

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  1. What a charming bunch!
    Love they way you have put it together!