Ishihara colour test

more optometric evaluations from my father's collection

this one is for colour perception
named after Japanese optometric professor
Dr Shinobu Ishihara

pop room

Plaster Of Paris room
and sorry sorry sorrys

no car day

the brief was simple enough ( for a sunday and two pregnasauruses )

no cars allowed

jp was there too. and then he went back with his crew to take some cool photos. check them out.

a day in theatre

to avoid mistakes, pantone marker
to aid concentration, jelly belly sours
to rehydrate, belvoir cordial ( add dew water )
to scribble smoothly,  lamy safari in red     

to remain lucid, colombo coffee
to take a break, inventory magazine
to hold all, dries van noten leather doctor's bag
to spot elusive vocal cords,  paul smith walsh spectacles