girls bike out through blue irides

sarah joined us for the bike tours

and almost wiped out taking these

im glad she didn't

or we wouldnt have any more of her 'fresco lens-flair

see many more here

the winners

the wedding diary competition was spectacular

more behind the scene pics and anecdotes on the way

it will be screened on top billing on dec 9

best part - wearing my dress again, and floating back to may 15 on a bunch of balloons

40s tresses

im heading to the how-to-walk but of the wedding diary competition this afternoon

i found a fabulous 1940s vintage dress for the occassion

couldn't stop at the dress, been researching 40s style, tips ad hairstyles too.

casa powell

we've had a steady stream of couch inhabitants over the past few weeks

it was good to have you here

girls bike out

the girls set off on their first bike outing on friday afternoon amidst a windy disposition and a flurry of unrestrained balloons ( they didn't last long )

we picnicked alongside stadium lawns with tasty sandwiches from ciao bella, san pellegrino wetties and berry topped duetto dolce meringue nests.

nadia brought some bubbles along, perfect for post prandial insufflation.

amelia took some fantastic pictures, nicola snapped from her phone, nadia really had a good time and sarah's take is on its way.

drop me a line to organize your girls bike out.
next event : thursday 15 december. reserve your spot.

interpret debrief

i seem to lose sight of snapful clicks when running around at our organized events

luckily others were there to capture the magic

nadia was a judge and made these gorgeous corsages for the judges and winners

lauren mosied around and took some atmospheric snaps

denise participated in the accessories category and came by with her support

read more about the event and the winners on street scene's blog

a huge thanks to colombo for hosting the event - perfect space.

mother city escapades

mr shark and i are to our way to cape town

looking forward to :
- catching up with old friend
- meet unmet friends
- visiting some new spots
- the wedding diary bride of the year finals

our first encounter back in 2007
simon's town

miss molly

melissa from miss molly shares her glam collection of daily essentials

GHD - if i have time in the mornings..

a great pair of heels - comfort is essential when rushing between meetings, fabric stores and CMT's

Sunnies - for a day when even the concealer doesn't hide the bags

A tape measure - pretty much a given when working in the clothing industry, this thing is constantly around my neck

Vida e Cafe - really, the only way to start my day is with a cappuccino from Vida.

Gucci Rush - i swear by the stuff

Concealer - to cover up the bags from the night before

* also ( more pics to follow soon )

Mobile - to check mails and tweet as the day goes by

Fruit - for breakfast

a blog post - one of my fav things to do!

Camera - to capture anything inspiring as well as photograph garments

wishy washi

in good company just solved my how-to-get-my-mitts-on-more-washi-tape dilemma.

i ordered some from i want that a while ago - im officially addicted.

need more.

beatnik bazaar

with a selection of supreme daily essentials - who wouldn't want to live in thaya's world.

*A hug from my baby boy.
*a good cup of Woolies English Breakfast tea first thing in the morning in my Liesel Trautman cup.
*Blogging on my pretty white Macbook.
*Body shop scrub in the shower.
*Wearing MAC Lipgloss
*Kate Bush
*Wearing Folklore dresses
*A ride on my bike
*Doing business on my BlackBerry
*Seeing or talking to at least 3 of my friends throughout the day
*A cuddle with my husky
*Good food made with love
*Being creative
*A hot bath
*falling into my white cotton and down duvet at night

to the beach

pre-wedding preparations for the decorations were limited

we decided to wait until the entire family was at jex, a few short days before the wedding.
the powell and mccusker clan descended from the northern hemisphere and northern gauteng respectively.
the idea was to setup teams to do tasks, such as making the pinwheels and signs, so the families could get to know each other better.
we had a hoot of a time.
we tested out some of the ideas in our flat a bit before.

* excuse the barechestedness - it gets superhumid in durban and we have one measly fan. i do like it though :)

a tootsie bath to desand post-beach feet
my new sister charlotte took care of the signage

our table settings - each one had their basket number on the back

nak did a great job with the names, in handwritten alamain

street scene ten

dedicating this weeks ten to our street scene

come and see the rad entries and find out the winner of the 1st annual interpret durban design competition

colombo fine beverage company is hosting the event

karen haynes has helped us out so much and is responsible for all the printing of tee shirts and artwork

the corner cafe is running the bar and sponsoring some prizes

some more prizes and support from cityzen, and dew water

you can also buy a bunny chow and samoosas from govenders in case you're feeling famished

a massive thanks to luke searson for designing the flyers, banner, website, and street scene's identity.

we have a awesome panel of proud durbanites as our judges - richard hart, karen haynes, nathi gumede, jean-paul brouard, nadia jonker, matthew kieser and judd campbell

some recent tours :
township tour moments captured on the bleeters tour by :
freshly found - denise kiggan
miss molly - melissa allen

the city bowl mizers and the la els went on a roaring township tour last weekend


hope you to see you tomorrow evening

the meeting point

we're about to collect a new space
the home of
street scene and sibling mine
a place to meet
in a point precinct revival

the thrift collection

daily essentials by two ladies of epic thrifting proportions

check out their abomination of carefully selected collected attire and accessories at the i heart market

(1) Lomography: Our cameras go everywhere with us – we never know where and when inspiration will strike. We’ve also taken to using our developed pics as greeting cards and gift tags – such a great way to personalise the message.

(2) Cupcakes: Our morning ritual includes a cup of tea, cupcake and trawling through our favourite blogs. Without our daily cupcake, we can’t function properly during the day!

(3) Paper Straws: Summer is our favourite season and with it comes a long list of yummy cocktails & drinks that go perfectly with Durban’s hot, lazy summer days. These sweet paper straws make the whole experience a lot more fun.

(4) Frankie Magazine: Our magazine of choice - every page is filled with beautiful images and interesting people. It’s the only mag we have found that really feeds our love of photography, fashion, art & crafts, music, food and travel. When we get to the end, we start right back at the beginning again – and on and on it goes until the next issue lands in our post box.

(5) Hair Wax: A must have for Meg’s new pixie cut

(6) Eyeliner: We’re loving the eyeliner trend – when you get it right it can look fantastic!

(7) Bunting: A favourite of ours at the moment whether it’s adorning our picture rails at home or stall at the I Heart Market, bunting has become a key design feature in our world.

(8) Appletiser: Nothing quenches our thirst quite like it. Great in cocktails too!

image sources :
Straws: Etsy
Hair Wax: Google images
Eyeliner: Google Images
Bunting: www.
Appletiser: Google Images

time flies ... and so much of fun

a whole six months have flown by

and a lifetime of scheming, adventure seeking and love to look forward to.

declaring undying love at our durban engagement zoo

streaming into the sunset

white paper bags
+ red dot stickers
+ lisa & jo alphabet stamps
+ streamers
+ in good company parasols
+ the corner cafe yoghurt lollies
x by one super chuffed newlywed couple

= the perfect post ceremony seaside-shrub cacophony of celebration