to the beach

pre-wedding preparations for the decorations were limited

we decided to wait until the entire family was at jex, a few short days before the wedding.
the powell and mccusker clan descended from the northern hemisphere and northern gauteng respectively.
the idea was to setup teams to do tasks, such as making the pinwheels and signs, so the families could get to know each other better.
we had a hoot of a time.
we tested out some of the ideas in our flat a bit before.

* excuse the barechestedness - it gets superhumid in durban and we have one measly fan. i do like it though :)

a tootsie bath to desand post-beach feet
my new sister charlotte took care of the signage

our table settings - each one had their basket number on the back

nak did a great job with the names, in handwritten alamain


  1. Ah friend, so so lovely. I adore the flags x

  2. So wonderful and amazing!
    Each piece so unique and special!