miss molly

melissa from miss molly shares her glam collection of daily essentials

GHD - if i have time in the mornings..

a great pair of heels - comfort is essential when rushing between meetings, fabric stores and CMT's

Sunnies - for a day when even the concealer doesn't hide the bags

A tape measure - pretty much a given when working in the clothing industry, this thing is constantly around my neck

Vida e Cafe - really, the only way to start my day is with a cappuccino from Vida.

Gucci Rush - i swear by the stuff

Concealer - to cover up the bags from the night before

* also ( more pics to follow soon )

Mobile - to check mails and tweet as the day goes by

Fruit - for breakfast

a blog post - one of my fav things to do!

Camera - to capture anything inspiring as well as photograph garments

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