Pieces of me - Kim McCusker


Who are you? 
Kimberlina... Mccusker clan from Pretoria

Where are you? 
Snuggly lying in my bed, Alphen Park PTA in a confused space of time

What are you? 
A dancer, a dreamer, a dingbat

How are you? 
not hungry.. so I'm happy right now

Right now I'm

well... not too healthily.. Every time I think of changing my habits, I succumb to anything dairy (greatest strength and weakness.. I love cheese) and the Hazelwood market.. those yummy things are just sooooo worth it

nesquick... why can't I find any milo on the shelves!!!!??? anyone got an idea?
I'm falling in love with red wine.. Is it bad to start this young?

Listening to
The howling wind and the scraping of the tall trees on the roof of the house
who do you love and kammakastig land from SA blues man albert frost (the catfish)
the voice in my head 

Looking at
My bedroom.. wow I can't seem to get organised.. I tried a couple of feng shui web pages but still have a whole lot of crap

Thinking about
My future (It never stops) I need to live in the present
any ideas? I know the old souls must have some sort of words of wisdom, young souls are even better.

Delighted by
the thoughts of amazing flexibility and strength, marshmellow squares and cocnut ice from Hazelwood market, teaching classes and really hot talent for anything esp dance

Dreaming of
My future.. 2010.. teaching, flexibility, dancing, fashion, intimacy, skydiving (do I have the guts?) 

Frequenting / visiting
Hazelwood (are you getting the point? go asap)
My sanctury.. the dance studio

Looking forward to
hopefully finishing personal training..
the day I stop procratinating and just getting on with things
figuring out my next move on this chessboard of life
seeing anyone I really love

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