Pieces of me - Jenna van Schoor

Jenna (and her beloved Frankie )revealed, enjoying a winter's day in sunny Ramsgate.

Dive into her world, below. 

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Who are you?

Jenna van Schoor 

Where are you?

A mini city in the heart of South African inland awesomeness, Pretoria.

What are you?

 I am a perpetual interesting-thing seeker. I like to read, write, and come up with ideas. Chosen profession: freelance writer and editor.

How are you?

 Extremely healthy and well fed. Slightly confused, but this is a good thing. Interesting travel experiences are confusion understood later.

Right now I'm


 Grilled aubergine and chicken peri- peri burger from Nando’s Peri-Deli. Spicy but nicy.


 Half sparkling water half pomegranate juice.

Listening to
Megan’s random CD on mix in my car. Pete Murray, Crystal Castles, Metric, Kidofdoom.


 Hazel Food Market on Saturdays, Woolworths Food, Vida e Caffe, different places around the country.

Looking at

 Online Gmail chat pop up with my friend Olivia, who is frustratedly trying to organise a visa; various websites claiming to be the best in travel experiences; random Twitter trivia.

Delighted by

 Creative inspiration, beautiful photographs, interesting conversations, intriguing movies and visits from long lost friends.

Thinking about

 What it will be like to backpack on my own through South America.


Dreaming of

 Being able to travel the world and write about my life.


Looking forward to

 Upcoming weddings, flight overseas, meeting and having the best time with other current and future awesome friends. 

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