Pieces of me - Amelia Jane Smith

Introducing the lovely Amelia, creator of Whimsy
Today is Amelia's birthday!
Wishing you a sunny day and fortuitous year ahead- happy birthday!
digital peony bouquet

In her own words 
- whimsy is remembering...

...when stories were more than just pictures & words

...when the world was boundless & unchartered

...when there was only adventure in your heart

...your best friends, with buttons for eyes

...the certainty that you could fly

...the under-the-bed monsters

...that there is magic in your pocket

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About me
Who are you?
Amelia Jane Smith  (a girl wanting wings)

Where are you?
Currently in Durban although eyeing Cape Town with definite home sickness!

What are you?
a quiet creature with dramatic edges and sparkly insides...in other words: a modestly self-employed artist working with illustration and design in a small venture known as 'whimsy'

How are you?
healthy as a horse

Right now I'm 
ice-cream...wait, that's a lie!...I am ALWAYS eating ice-cream!

too much hot chocolate - one of the few winter perks

Listening to
Her Space Holiday and Say Hi (two artists I was introduced to recently that have dominated my playlists!  Think Postal Service meets The Shins meets Death Cab for Cutie, all mellowed out with some orchestral moments thrown in for good measure)

Looking at
the photographic work of Robert & Shana Parkeharrison
Thinking about
trees, fairy lights, lighthouses, rowing boats, fountains, crows, pigtails, gumboots, long cloaks, armchairs, freckles and a compass...

Delighted by
my latest sartorial addition - a pair of the happiest, red shoes from Ya-Ya in Pretoria (thanks, Casey!)

Dreaming of
the far reaches of the world and what I might find there...

Frequenting / visiting
Churchill House - one of the quaintest places to have coffee in Durban!
Looking forward to
the first peonies of the spring and the return of blueberries!

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  1. Hello there,
    Is Amelia Jane Smith your real name? and, you really have your birthday on 9th of July?