My saturday cupcake

Yesterday was a smorgasbord of delight

- early morning Hazel

- developed an appreciable Holga film

- saw a radical exhibit of gig posters at Design Cafe by Andre Pereira

- headed out to the Attic in Parkhurst for a most noteworthy luncheon with my girls

- saw old friends at the Zoo Lake bowls club

- revelled in that which was the launch of Vice Magazine in South Africa - the party was a torrential downpour of slick beats, snappy dressers and a good time all round. The magazine is pretty neat too

However, it was not complete :

Skip und Salad

I miss you 

Looking forward to this week on sibling mine :

- Holga treats

- Lantern Magazine

- Pieces of me with Jenna Van Schoor

- My Hood - Hazelwood

- Karoo Cafe

and some other susceptible musings

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