To market, to market

I made it to the Hazel Food Market! It was everything I was looking forward to, and more.
My mother accompanied me – it was her first visit there. We arrived at around 8.30 am with the sun shining and the hum of market-goers greeting us. The layout is uncomplicated and inviting. At our first stop we were delighted to find homemade organic yoghurt that we have been purchasing from a local deli for some time now. Mango – Peach and Strawberry flavours grabbed us. We also bought two containers of peppadews, which are destined for salad and to be baked in a sourdough loaf. The stall next door, Green Market, invited us to browse with their array of fresh produce. There we settled on a bright green, crunchy cos lettuce, bushy beetroot and pears. Cascade Manor in Paarl produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil and as we need another bottle I’m more than willing to give it a try. 

We browsed a number of other stalls such as Elbows Up, Cupcake and novelty cakes and Devines before being absorbed into delights at The Pickled Italian. We managed to tear ourselves away with a mild pecorino cheese of delectable flavour, fat olives and choice grilled aubergines. 

Lastly, the white chocolate blondies and milk chocolate brownies sold at Burnt Chocolate, fancied our interest. The stall is owned by the lovely Retha van Hooven. Retha is also the mastermind of the Hazel Food Market. I remember visiting the market for the first time in early January when just four stalls occupied the pavement up the road from the current venue. Excited by the growing success of the market, she is planning to create another row of stalls. A ‘chocolate and coffee’ market day is planned for one Saturday in May. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Not only am I impressed by the quality of food and the great vibe at the market, I also feel privileged to support a star venture in my very own neighborhood. I’m aiming to spread the word and make visits a weekly affair. More pics to follow. 

Hazel Food Market open every Saturday 7am – 12 am, Pinaster Street, Hazelwood

Find it here

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