Thursday joe

Bean There Coffee Roastery just launched their new and updated website. Purveyors of the 'optimal roast' is their game. They sell freshly roasted Fair Trade African coffee beans, a range of plush coffee machines and accessories from their spot at the modish 44 Stanley Complex in Milpark, Johannesburg. Fans further afield can delight in the pleasures of their beans delivered to their door, as ordering online (with secure payment methods) is now possible. To celebrate the launch, all online orders received before 10 April 2009 will revel in a free 250g bag of exclusive Ethopian Harrar organic coffee (Valued at R67,50)

Having bean there recently myself, I can vouch for their vote as no 1. espresso in the City of Gold. I am yet to participate in the Coffee Cupping, held every other Thursday. Its high up on 'to do' list. The next one is to be held on the 16th April. Super keen. 


  1. Hey there Sister. Bean there done that with one addded fix of cyber coffee. I found this one and it grabbed my cyber taste buds (not my blog, but a staple part of my blogging diet). The hunt is on for cyber chocolate and then I think I'll have found the purrrfect callory free diet. (On second thoughts, Cyber chocolate must be up there with a fish needing a bycicle.)

    Those cupcakes did wake up the old taste buds though... Viva the real cup cake, Viva chocolate Viva callories, Viva caffeine, Viva! right, moving swiftly along now...

  2. Checked out the coffeeblog - while drinking the real thing. Here in PIToria (no, actually i love my city) we are privileged enough to have Algoa Bay Cofee Co. in Brooklyn Design Square. I stock up on Masterton's coffee more than regularly. Coffee is most enjoyed in a Ritzenhoff mug. Unfortunately, I just discovered what a new one costs ...