Clothes swap

My sister and I are hosting a clothes swap (swop? there is some debate around this...) at our place on Saturday afternoon. Apart from a good old shindig with all our mates, we will all hopefully uncover some gems. One man's trash is another man's treasure. We have been wanting to do this for several months, but as usual, haven't managed to get our act together. I see its all the rage in many corners of the globe.  Been perusing the cookbooks for some scrumptious treats. I am excited. You're invited!

A change of dress...            

You’re invited to the big clothes swap:

Step 1: RSVP 

Step 2: Gather all your unused clothes in wearable condition to swap with ladies

Step 3: Sms one of us how many items of clothing you will be bringing by Wednesday 18th of March

(Please specify if you’ll be bringing extra items such as shoes, bags, belts, jewellery etc.)

Step 3: Arrive on Saturday 21th of March at 15h30 t with your goodies

  • Cocktails & treats to be served
  • Entrance fee of R20

Step 4: Go crazy and pick up as many new items as you brought in

  • Car guards will be there to watch your cars
  • DIY advice is on call for all items needing a bit of TLC
  • All leftover clothes will be donated to charity

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