packing for london

pippa is heading to london today and shares must-pack list with us

do send us a pic of you on the bus in your get-up

  1. While scrounging around in my mom’s cupboard a couple of weeks ago, I came across a vintage cape that she hadn’t worn in a good 20 years. I snatched it up, changed the buttons and hemmed it a bit to give it an update of sorts. It’s one of the hottest items on the streets overseas at the moment and I spent R0 to get mine. I love hand-me-down treasures! {This is one is the Stella McCartney Double-Breasted Cotton Twill Cape }
  2. A chunky sweater: Apparently it’s the coldest winter they’ve had in England in a good few years, so I’m bundling up against the cold like never before. Layering is the key because it’s freezing on the street but toasty and warm in the shops and restaurants. Layering will make it easy for me to keep warm / cool when I need it. {Miss Selfridge Brown Batwing Cardi}
  3. A striped tee: perfect for layering and a key item at the moment {Matches Fashion}
  4. My skinnies: The thing about denim is that when you first step out into the cold, you nearly freeze, but the more time you spend in them the warmer they become. I love to travel with my skinnies because I can tuck them into boots or wear them with my brogues – I love the versatility of them. You don’t get that with a straight or boot leg. {Topshop Skinny Jeans}
  5. A beanie – need I say anymore? I’m not looking forward to hat hair though it must be said... {People Tree}
  6. My Diana – there will be tons of cool pics waiting to be taken on streets of London town – my Diana will be at the ready at all times. And not having batteries means I don’t have to worry about her dying on me in the middle of shot! She’s the perfect travel companion.
  7. Marie Biscuits – A little taste of home. While I’ll be staying in a pretty nice hotel that serves a great breakfast, I love cuddling in bed with a cup of tea and some maries to dunk in it before the hectic work starts for the day.
  8. My Ipod – to drown out the world when there are a few too many people in my face!
  9. Pounds, Pounds and more Pounds – I plan on spending quite a few of them in places like H&M, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Primark and Zara, so my wallet will be flush with foreign currency!
  10. A scarf to keep out the chill – I love the idea of print clashing so mixing a leopard print scarf with a striped tee to me is the ultimate way to layer. {Singer22}
  11. Gloves to add a pop of colour {John Lewis}
  12. A rucksack to keep all my bits and bobs in – a hands free kit of sorts so I can free up my hands to look through the sales racks! {Madewell}
  13. Brogues – Ill be spending a lot of time walking and shopping on Oxford Street so I need good quality leather shoes to keep me going {Monsoon}
  14. Fun socks – It’s all about the attention to detail. In London, people really know how to dress so I’ve got to bring my A-Game! {Modcloth}

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  1. Have officially died of jealousy - great list girl!