a guest post by jenna from saffakidlife.

in spirit of casey's recent months of i heart market stalls, and in celebration of siblingmine's new online store and future store space, i thought i'd share some of my own market finds with you, from a while-ago trip to south america, where markets are all-important, to everyone.

so the photos below are of a handful of market things that i liked, some i wish i'd bought, some old things, new things, pretty things and strange things that i thought you'd like to look at- some picture-time to fill the gap while siblingmine takes an online break.

1. homeware and food finds in central arequipa, peru:

bright sieves and bags
hey piggy piggy

purple tinge and yellow finger things

2. vintage collectibles in montevideo, uruguay:

lamps that reminded me of of colourful bobbins

buttons all tied up with string

box of clocks, bits and bobs

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