a cappella

sibling mine is bouncing up and down on a string above my reach

every time i think i can grab it

it snaps away further

past frustrated, now accepted

the time is not right now


i've been working on some collages form my trip

and can't wait to share them with you

it was a magical, tremendous journey

and im still in its stupor

for now i've got a 'packing for' guest post to wanderlust over

and jenna from saffa kid life is back on the sibling mine bicycle ( better than bus ) and will be joining me with posts on the site

spent my post call day trawling pawn shops and demolition sites

the meeting point is requiring attention, on track and waiting for you to meet with us there soon


  1. Nice to have you posting again...things will take shape soon (they already are)!

  2. very excited for future developments. HUGE. x

  3. so happy you had a good time! i can't wait to see your pics :)