penguns rat

head over to lauren's blog for ensemble and detailed pic - she captured the whole thing in pure delight

trio of party pics

what remained of yellow and white dala-painted polystyrene lettering indicating the occasion spelled the above

we lost an 'i' 'p' and half 'y' ( previously dissolved by super glue ) in the quickmove ( thanks helpful friends ) fifteen minutes to kickoff when rapidly flapping yellow bunting strewn across the parking lot signalled the arrival of the south wester, and rain

which didn't drizzle/dazzle us at all

frantic two hours prior to the guests arrival was spurred on by moronic 'doing their duty' metro blocking off all entrance to the beachfront, and my street

not even tears would convince the kfc friendly blue badged stoic

luckily two others, swayed by the unmet promise of cake, obliged us with car entry in a sneaky lane

but all disparity dissipated once changed, adorned with hideous clangy perspex necklace ( as only nataniel can do ) and amassed by loved friends who spoilt me so ( cant believe these presents ... so special )

a well-fed penguin of gratitude to each person who obligingly cut and stuck yellow bunting, set tables, baked cupcakes, came to my party, belled, tweeted, facebooked or texted

i had a very happy day, just as you all wished me ... all thanks to you

im sure its going to be a wonderful, this twenty five

some silly snaps i took ....

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  1. Hahaha, we look TERRIBLE but AWESOME, lols!

    Thanks for a great time friend and for the Smitten plug! x