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this is what we know about paris in january. it's really cold (2 degree lows and 6 degree highs) and it rains a plenty.

1. go thermal. there's no reason to wear all your clothes at once and look like a puff ball to prevent from freezing. that is why some clever person invented thermal underwear. my mom calls them spencers. get a spencer (aka thermal vest). kinda dorky, but it's under your clothes for a reason.

2. boots. as a tourist, you'll be walking a lot - so heeled shoes are a no no. it's also cold and wet as heck - so boots are the obvious choice. i'm quite partial to leather ones that look better with age and can withstand the cold, wet & sludgy parisian streets.

3. a coat. only take one. i know you're going to be tempted to take more than one because you want 'options' - don't. nine times out of ten you will only wear one of your coats! a warm one (insulated), preferably with a hood (when you don't want to carry an umbrella) and that you won't mind getting rained on. you take them off whenever you're inside anyway - the euros love their indoor heating.

5. corduroy jeans. they are warmer than ordinary jeans, and they evoke that seventies vibe i love so much. (take normal jeans too though, at least 2 pairs - light / dark = day / night)

6. long cardigans. for layering.

7. tights / leggings. not the willy nilly opaque types - the thick wooly ones. awesome!

8. shirt dresses. the kind that can work over tights or jeans, that look great layered under cardigans and coats.

9. beanie. also good for covering up rainy hair syndrome.

10. one bag. i have learned this from months of travelling - you will only ever need one handbag. it has to be (a) big enough (b) have several pockets and (c) have a variety of handles so you can carry it by hand or strap it over your body when you're walking. alternatively, take a backpack.

11. one fancy outfit. a simple black dress + a pair of heels - done.

But my number one rule for packing - take 1/2 of what you think you need. You will want all that extra suitcase space to bring back most of Zara.

(I couldn't be more jealous if I tried)


  1. Great advice! Excitement mounting!

  2. fabulous post!
    makes me want to go pack for paris too.

  3. great advice! will be going to London (and hopefully Paris) myself at the end of Jan and will use this as a packing guide!

    Pippa (The Thrift Collection)

  4. soooo exciting! You're going to have a blast friend xx

  5. Excellent tips! Case, you're gonna have a BLAST!

  6. So excited for you! You deserve the best holiday xxx

  7. ah :) you must be having the most amazing time :) PARIS PARIS PARIS! :) there's nothing quite like it :) hope you having a gorgeous time, can't wait to see your pics :)