The most darling penguin out there ... meet Ping! ( I want to be him)

I'm taking a one week blogging hiatus in preparation for next weeks exam on Friday.

Then ...

holidays for two weeks - find me in Durban. Will make up for next weeks no-posts then.

Later, friends.

Find Ping and more of his friends at Mu and Me

There hasn’t ever been a humbler, happier penguin then Ping. Building sandcastles
with his best mate, Debsy (who just happens to be a little girl) is one of his most favourite pastimes. Ping is calm and careful, and particularly particular about where things like shells and driftwood should go on a sandcastle. 

Ping is such a thoughtful guy, he always remembers to let the people around him know how much they mean to him. Pity he can’t always remember to knot his neck scarf properly!

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