two whole years have passed
and still failing at 'the click'
qedile is the zulu word for finished
it seems fitting

tonight is the last call and the last working 'day' (which is actually a night)
seems to have come so quickly, and theres not enough time to digest goodbyes and reflections

thanks for reading sibling mine, whether a friend, acquaintance, voyeur or passer-by
the content of this blog has changed significantly. it can be paralleled with a personal expression of experimentation, discovery, realization and letting go.

not quite sure what next year holds for sibling mine, but decided to start a tumblr, read : an attempt at documenting all 366 days of community service
join me here

happy holidays
and all the best for the year ahead

twenty twelve
it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

more hospital pictures

there is a once-glamourous 25m grass boundried swimming pool are there
neat lunch spot
a lot of us hope to restore addington to its glory days
and many interns return to work there at a later stage again
we'll see


  1. beautiful photos! Good luck for your last day/night, will be thinking of you and sending much love x