>>> three chevrons

when nak sent this to me, i did flick-flacks ( in my imagination, can't even hand stand )

diffusion lends a hand to everything. my everything is your everything and it can be so without you wanting it to be so


more or less so we can reach a balance ... but only for a while

we diffuse label-like tangets to crash into something so clearly related we have missed it
whistling bird lured by a bird whistle. cross hatch bird calls. can we cross pollinate so i can ave your hair and you can have my eyes

eyes and body removed from the mountain, crystallized indoors, carefully chipped away by the detailed safety of a pin. barely.

winding trees like roots to a brain binding our thoughts to relative gravity, they stand tall and strong. delicate strands fibrous extensions, they sway in unevenly distributed air particles. air in water, hair in water, bone in air, back to hair in water, thoughts diffused between the two. sunken decisions waiting to sprout, a slippery accomplice.

come closer to my tentacles so i can tease you, make (you) believe horns extend shifting planes. view change.

in a trough a partnered peak, come closer tentacles we are going back to the carnival

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