miss moss

welcome to miss moss' everyday necessaries.

1. a cup of tea. made exactly like so.

2. almost makeup. moisturiser slash foundation from clinique - because my skin is not perfect.

3. the internet & blogs. i don't remember a time before them. oh right, magazines! well, pretty pictures keep me sane.

4. music. not a day goes by that my ipod doesn't get man handled. or rather, diana handled. currently listening to a lot of arcade fire and sharon jones & the dap-kings.

5. perfume. current and almost all time favourite: viktor + rolf flowerbomb.

6. a walk. be it to and from work or in a forest or field somewhere. if i don't do it, i feel it.

7. coco's face. this look kills me * kisses *

8. jeans. i wish i could say dresses... but no, it's jeans. i live in jeans.

9. my watch. it needs to be on my wrist at all times, because i feel weird without it. i also like being prompt.

10. a cold beer. om nom nom... sweet, sweet brew.

11. twitter. cripes, i love it. such a great way to engage with and meet new people.

12. my bag. where else would i keep my almost make-up, ipod, perfume and... beer? no i don't carry around beer. yet.