wednesday ten

my weekly round up

animals at glossary and saffa kid life

enviromental graphic design at anatomy

diy double sided envelopes at the pretty blog

top my of wishlist : leica M9. i'm saving thick. ( for a long, long time )

neatest vintage swimwear shoot at beatnik bazaar

womdering how a durban one of these would look

progressive design co-lab at entropy. and their impending exhibition.

this durban blog - eye candy

all the different types of artery forceps. whoda thought. love saying their names out loud. alligator. bayonet. chamberlain. kocher. mouse-tooth. volsella. spencer wells.

lynch prints. still not over them. still trying convince husband that we need one.


  1. Ah thanks so much friend! I'm excited to see I have the same top as the girl in the pic. Star Wars nerd! x

  2. Thanks for love, Casey! And I second Lauren on the Star Wars Tee. My son would think I was either embarrassing or incredibly cool. Love your top 10, cool as always ;)

  3. thanks for the mention special x

    going to check out all the others on the list, loved the vintage swimwear!

  4. lauren - light saber ahoy

    beatnik - anytime. thanks for giving me swimsuit palpitations

    being brazen - :)

    v-jenna - anytime special x

  5. ah noway :) andrea of anatomy design is lecturing us on this at the moment.. those are out lecture notes! :)